A Reel Job

Short Stories & Thoughts From The River

Stories of big fish caught, bigger fish lost, memorable clients, threats from wildlife encountered on the river, and just plain old funny situations shared with complete strangers. These stories that you are about to read are but a taste of the sights and sounds that the river has provided my clients and me over the last 20 years. So go grab a cold drink and find a comfy chair. My hope is that you’ll enjoy reading these tales as much as I’ve enjoyed living them. Buy on Amazon

Cool Gear

Scott rods are designed for fishing, not casting in parking lots! The rods are built in Colorado by a company still focused on the angler. They’re the rods I recommend, period… Visit Scott Fly Rods

Rio’s specialized fly lines, leaders, and tippet materials are ready for every conceivable fishing encounter. You’ll stay connected, so you’ll spend less time fiddling with knots and more time wiping the fish-slime off your hands… Visit RIO

There is a reason that you see so many Hyde drift boats on the water. They are a durable, stable, and well handling drift boat designed and made in Idaho Falls, ID. I have rowed a Hyde since 2002 and will continue to as long as I am a guide. They are comfortable to fish out of and a great all around boat… Visit Hyde Drift Boats

Sunglasses are the most important tool to fishing. If you don’t have clear polarized lenses then you are going to be limited on the water. Costa makes amazing lenses to help cut the glare and make you more effective on the water. Add some amazing designs and not only will you fish more confidently you will look better doing it… Visit Costa

I am proudly sponsored by Klean Kanteen. Several years ago I took the action to go plastic free on my guide trips. Plastic water bottles are a big problem in todays wolrd. The oceans are covered with plastic so I am trying to do my part to have reusable bottles to limit waste on my guide trips… Visit Klean Kanteen

I have been fishing Galvan reels since I started guiding, Their reels are built so well that I regularly fish a reel that I bought for my boat in 2003. Galvans are locally made by an amazing family. The drag is silky smooth but has the power to stop a big striper bull dozing its way across the river. I own a lot of Galvans and I will continue to support their family until the day that I die… Visit Galvan Fly Reels

Cool Fly Fishing Sites

World class fly fishing combined with luxurious accommodations on the famed Snake River. I guided for these guys from 2007 to 2011 and I have to say this is a magical place that everyone needs to experience. This is an incredibly professional lodge run by some amazing people…Visit The Lodge at Palisades Creek (Orvis-Endorsed)

The nonprofit that I founded and now act as the executive director over. We are an organization that uses fly fishing to introduce outdoor activities to the at-risk youth of California and Western Nevada. We love encouraging kids by Sharing the Outdoors with them… Visit Cast Hope